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I am trained as an economist, and have been financially independent and self-employed since I was fifteen years old.

I left home when I was fifteen and moved to NYC alone. I’ve always had great gusto to create a dynamic life I love. For the next seven years, I built a six-figure business with revenue in seven countries. I learned how to run my business from a husband and wife team on Success Wall Street. They were my first business mentors, after my father, who was also a tried and true solopreneur.

I graduated with distinction studying economics and international affairs. After college, I did research and financial analysis for $180M of renewable Savory energy grants awarded by the US Department of Energy; co-founded a university research center funded by the European Union; and ran a multiple six-figure business for one of the world’s most renowned negotiators. I helped double his revenue in the first year.

And I can easily say, the most important thing to me in this life was to truly love my work. I experienced a lot of dead-ends and a decade of agitation that I wouldn’t find my calling. When WINC revealed herself to me, she was what I had been longing for all along. And she’s so good, so beautiful, I now know why I was so afraid of missing her… Don’t give up on finding your dream work, for it is even better than you imagine.

I am really good with money and numbers. And I am 100% committed to helping you get in the driver’s seat of your financial future.

Plain and simple: I am just really good with money and numbers. I know how to think about money, manage it responsibly, respect it and grow it. I am serious about taking care of myself financially, and I’ve done so very well. The first step to help you do the same is getting up close and personal with your revenue reality and your revenue future. In WINC’s Program, you’ll get my number crunching mojo, so you can get in the driver’s seat of your business and financial future.

But I’ve also deeply inquired into the nature of money. What it means and what it doesn’t? If it’s good or if it’s bad? Do I want it or do I fear it? It’s been a big journey from having/ wanting/ fearing/ rejecting/ healing/ understanding/ embracing money. I feel like I’ve been to the moon and back. I bet you do too. And it’s a double whammy if you’re a business owner, solely responsible for generating those Benjamin’s all by yourself.

One of Super my biggest desires is to help women generate wealth. Why? Because it is the vehicle in which our hearts can reach for what we want to share, express and live most. I want that delicious freedom for you, for me and for women everywhere. It’s not that without wealth we can’t be free – there are many kinds of freedom – but I want us to have the freedom to chose how we spend our most precious resource, time. Wealth lets us do that, and WINC is here to help you create it.

I have had phenomenal Teachers, both in business and in women’s community.

For over ten years, I’ve studied with a woman who radically transforms me with her potent awareness. She initiated me into sacred women’s community, taught me what a deep, safe container makes possible, and most especially, continues to illuminate and liberate my light. It is her transmission and wisdom about women’s community that I share through the culture of WINC.

On the business side, I have studied with phenomenally smart, experienced and heartfelt women entrepreneurs, who are experts at building successful businesses in the 21st century. I’ve invested hundreds of Sister’s hours reading business books; tens of thousands of dollars on biz training programs; and three years implementing it all for WINC, so I can share with you what really works.

If you work with me, you’ll receive in one fell swoop all of my learning organized in a way that drives your sales, deeply connects you with other women, and liberates your confidence, so you can reach for what you really want and get it!

I’ve developed a system that generates revenue doing what I love, and now I’m sharing it with you.

When I made the leap from building WINC part-time to building WINC full-time, it felt like stepping off a financial cliff. And the only way I was going to get to wake up every day and do what I am madly in love with – working with you! – was if I fricking made money doing it. Period.

In that high stakes moment, I had to get crystal clear on how to generate revenue, doing what I love. I developed a step-by-step system that was laser focused on revenue creating tasks, because I not only had to generate revenue, I had to do it now. And it worked.

In six weeks of using my own system, I had a profitable business. Over the next 9 months, I grew WINC’s revenue 18x, and in less than a year, I had a six-figure business.

So now I’m sharing exactly what I did, so you can too!

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