The Story of WINC

For ten years, I practiced in a women’s community of 20-30 women, who showed up regularly to support each other in going deeper into the connection with ourselves, with each other, and ultimately, with whatever you call the force that is bigger than all of us.

Over the years, this women’s community was the most profound part of my life. It felt like gathering with women was as necessary as water, and I couldn’t imagine ever living without it.

But, I began to notice that almost all the women in my community were self-employed. They were yoga teachers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, herbalists, videographers, real estate agents, writers…you name it, they were just like you. Artists, healers, creative types. Free spirits that didn’t want to fit into a traditional corporate setting.

I knew the women in my community so well: how talented they were, how much they had to offer through their trade, and how much they cared about making the world a better place through their work. I imagine this is true for you too!

But I saw them struggling. Struggling to make money.

Many were single moms, just trying to provide a basic livelihood for their children. Almost all of them had years, if not decades, of expertise, training and experience.

But they didn’t know how to translate doing what they loved into a profitable business.

They didn’t identify as a “business woman,” and frankly, some had a downright distaste for business in general. What lit them up was making art that reflected the human condition, or supporting a new born baby and mother with cranial-sacral therapy… not business strategy and marketing plans. Not surprisingly, the dry, plethora of traditional small business resources didn’t resonate with them, and the vibrant entrepreneurial community supporting scaleable businesses and tech companies, didn’t focus on them either.

And yet, if they didn’t make money, they couldn’t keep doing their passionate work in the world!

I saw a great need.
A need for incredible, heart-centered women,
with a passion to serve,
to gain the strategic business skills they need
to make great money doing what they love.

And in the dark night of the Winter Solstice of 2010, WINC showed itself to me.

She said, “Women’s Community can help us not only in our personal lives, but also in building rockin’ businesses that change lives, families, communities, and ultimately, economies all over the world.”

Starting with you. Right here. Right now.

Join us, and I’ll show you a simple, but radical, system for building the profitable vision I know is alive in your bones, heart and destiny.

Are You Ready?

  1. Step 1: Complete WINC’s Free Video Course.

    Sign up for WINC’s email list and complete WINC’s free video course on the 6 Barriers to Wealth and the Engine of Your Business Revenue, so you can get focused on the tasks and strategies that move your revenue UP!

  2. Step 2: RSVP for WINC Connect.

    Meet me and your Sisters, while gaining powerful business training on your financials, marketing, website and stage of business, at the free monthly WINC Connect gathering.

  3. Step 3: Is the 90-Day Program a good fit for You?

    Learn about WINC’s 90-Day Program for women entrepreneurs and set up a time to talk with Myka about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business.

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