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Sperry Goode

After the Program, I’m 5 times busier than I have been in the last year and a half! I am pumped! And thankful! And hopeful! And full of gratitude!!

Before starting the WINC 90 Day Program, all I knew was that I loved my job, that I was good at my job and I either had to make it work big time or move on asap. I constantly had ideas of how to grow my business, how to help my clients and how to change lives, but nothing ever stuck, nothing ever worked. I went back and forth between being frustrated with myself for not executing my ideas properly, or having stupid ideas, and or being frustrated with people not understanding the amazing tools, benefits and deals I was offering. I knew something huge was missing. But I didnt know what. I struggled constantly with who specifically I wanted to work with, so I didn’t know what problem I helped solve, what results I offered and where to find clients.

With the WINC Program I am now much more focused. I broke out of my shell and I work with purpose creating my business strategy, finding clients, referrals and leads. It took most of the Program to discover my niche but with time, hard work, patience, resilience and my WINC Sisters, my perfect clients are finding me! In the last week I have signed 3 new clients and have another consult next week, and one more in the works! This is 5 times busier than I have been in the last year and a half! I am pumped! And thankful! And hopeful! And full of gratitude!! I now expect my business to not only support by lifestyle but fulfill all my goals and dreams as an entrepreneur, while I help hundreds of people make positive changes in their lives. [Six month update after Program ended: I had, financially, my biggest month ever since becoming a trainer almost 7 years ago! I sold out my current 6 week program! And I recently signed two new clients to my middle package. Marketing is becoming more succinct and fluid with much thanks to my Sisters, Brandi Mackenzie and Radha Marcum, and all my WINC training. Life is good and I keep pushing forward!!]”

Sperry Goode,  Infinite Potential Fitness
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