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All of the amazing things you’ve heard about WINC are true. Really. 

If you’re a woman who loves what she does and wants to take her business to the next level financially, practically, and yes, spiritually and emotionally, just thank the universe that WINC has crossed your path. You won’t be disappointed."



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For Women Entrepreneurs


  • You are a female entrepreneur already, or you are just starting out in your business.
  • You are not consistently and systematically tracking your business revenue and expenses. Or, you want to learn a better way than you're currently doing it.
  • You don't have clear financial budgets to make informed and empowered financial decisions.
  • You are not getting paid consistently by your business, and/or tussle with seasonal fluctuations in revenue.
  • Your personal finances and business finances are all mixed up, and you don't have clear systems and infrastructure for organizing everything. (And perhaps you don't understand why this is absolutely mission critical for protecting your financial future.)
  • You lack understanding for how to manage your money, as a path to creating both security and wealth. (Yes, making more money can be a part of this, but making more money doesn't guarantee more security or wealth!)
  • You struggle with fear or resistance to looking at your finances regularly, and could use a structure of accountability for helping you get a strong financial foundation in place.
  • You struggle or worry about having the money for Uncle Sam come tax time.
  • You fear arriving at retirement age without the nest egg you need.
  • You would be sent into a financial tailspin if slammed with a large, unexpected expense tomorrow. (Ahem... or a global virus from left field!?!)
  • You do business without protecting your personal assets, which could ruin everything you’ve worked for in one fell swoop.
  • You desire a new relationship with money, and are ready to become an empowered, financially savvy, female business owner in 2020!

    "The Financial Foundation Masterclass is an incredibly valuable course! It's worth every penny! The course materials and webinars are well-organized, engaging and inspiring. I've gained greater self-awareness, a sense of empowerment AND the tools and knowledge to take small actionable steps forward on my personal and business financial foundations.

    Myka is a powerful teacher and the way she provides emotional support and helps her students uncover unproductive habits and ways of thinking is just as valuable, if not more than the financial literacy I gained in this course!"

    ASHA. WINC Graduate.

    WINC's Financial Foundation Masterclass starts

    Mar - 27 - 2020


    Women consistently start this course feeling avoidant, overwhelmed, scared or just plain uninspired by their finances.

    But by the time they finish this Masterclass, they have created their Security + Wealth Plan for their situation, and feel a whole new, empowered version of themselves as financially savvy business owners that can use numbers strategically to create their dreams.

    It is truly LIFE CHANGING to see and feel yourself brand new in this domain.

    Financial Foundation Testimonials:

    • I recommend this course for female entrepreneurs at any stage of business. It helped me to feel good about the things that I had already put in place and gave me the support to do things I had been avoiding. The mental and emotional support and framework provided by WINC was really helpful in facing my own roadblocks to success. ~ Frances, WINC Graduate
    • I now feel like anything is possible. I have clear direction and focus, whereas I had neither faith nor focus before starting the Masterclass. I would hands down recommend the course enthusiastically! ~ Katie, WINC Grad
    • Yes, I would certainly recommend this course to other female entrepreneurs! My finances were okay before this course, but due to how I was growing, I needed clearer, more efficient systems to move forward in a way that worked. The spreadsheets were amazing and the inside job for emotional shifts was the crucial surprise that created a lot of clarity for my numbers and systems. ~ Robin, WINC Grad
    • This course is so valuable to women entrepreneurs! The spreadsheet that is provided is an actual living document that you can put into place in your business and personal life immediately. I have taken many courses about finances and this one actually gives you the tools needed to start feeling empowered by your financial goals. I learned so much throughout the course and the material + homework has boosted my confidence to take control of my financial future and to take ownership of MY money story. Thank you WINC! ~ Jennifer, WINC Grad
    • It is never too late to get in the driver's seat and drive your financial bus! I am embracing Plan B five decades into earth school. If I can do it you can too! The big girl money jeans fit just fine! Time to jump in with both legs and button up ladies! ~ Lisa, WINC Grad
    • I have an inclination toward organization, but had no plan or resources on how to make the most of it for business finances. Financial Foundations gave me a clear understanding on how to implement simple but important and detailed tools to make sure my young business keeps growing. Myka gives plenty of encouragement and support to help make new habits of it too. ~ Amy, WINC Grad
    • This is not just a class to teach you how to manage your finances. It is that, but so much more. I was able to approach my finances in an open, exploratory, non-judgmental way to really break down some of the psychological hurdles around money and my ability (and my right) to make money, and my ability to manage it (like a boss!). Myka has a fantastic way of making women remember that all the thoughts in our heads around money are just that. Thoughts. You can change them to better thoughts. Finances made easy, because it IS easy when you are taught how it works, and are reminded how to ignore the thoughts that tell you it isn't. ~ Meg, WINC Grad


     You will receive an email each week giving you access to the new training video and Q&A video, so that you are pacing yourself each week with a bite sized step in building your financial foundation. 


    "I absolutely loved this program. It gave me a better understanding of how to manage my finances in a structural way. My biggest take away is that now I am tracking all my personal and business expenses separately. I am aware of my cash flow for the next 6 months, which allows me to plan new offerings accordingly. I think this program was delivered in a very accessible and understanding way."

    KRISTINA. WINC Graduate.


    Over five training videos followed by Q&A videos, I'll teach you the key parts of my financial foundation: Legal Protection of my personal assets, Revenue & Cashflow Tracking, Tax Planning, Budgets (personal and business), Security + Wealth Plan, and how I set up all my financial infrastructure on autopilot, as much as possible.

    Pre-Assignment: Legal Protection of Personal Assets

    • Learn how I protect my personal assets by setting up a legal business entity (US context). 
    • I'll provide training on the main types of business entities and the tax implications for each, so you can make an empowered and informed choice for your business entity that reduces legal and financial risk.
    • Step-by-step training example for setting up an LLC, which is a great option for many solopreneurs.
    • Plus a checklist and community accountability for finally getting your business entity DONE!

    Training 1: Revenue & Cashflow

    It's virtually impossible to create smart, realistic and consistent Security + Wealth goals if you have no idea how much Revenue you're making, how your Cashflow is doing, or don't have a financial strategy for seasonal revenue fluctuations.

    Spreadsheets and training, so you can:

    • Be crystal clear about how much money you are making every month, as well as any payments your customers owe you and when, in order to develop smart and consistent goals for increasing your Security + Wealth every single month. 
    • Understand how Cashflow works, and be able to see ahead of time when you have a revenue/cash shortage, so you can address it before it hits. 
    • Even though I've used an accounting software (Quickbooks) for years and keep it up-to-date every month, I use this Revenue & Cashflow spreadsheet religiously. I am inside this spreadsheet weekly. More than any other spreadsheet I use. And I use MANY!

    Training 2: Tax Brackets & Tax Planning

    Many women business owners are not saving for taxes. This leaves them vulnerable to either avoiding their taxes over multiple years and/or having huge unexpected tax bills. A dear friend of mine spent the majority of her energy for two years trying to do three years of taxes that she had avoided. The fear, worry, uncertainty was so draining for her. Please, don't let this be you anymore. You have far too much to offer.

    But even for women who are paying their taxes regularly, many who have taken this Masterclass were shocked to learn that they don't accurately understand how (US) tax brackets are calculated. This training is eye-opening. 

    Spreadsheets and training, so you can:

    • Learn how I create a system for always having enough money for Uncle Sam come tax time. 
    • Develop super savvy tax knowledge for exactly how (US) tax brackets work, so you know how to calculate - rather than guess - how much to save for taxes, as your revenue changes and grows with you.
    • Create your Security + Wealth Plan goals, which you cannot do unless you understand your estimated taxes owed.
    • Added bonus... by the time you're done with this course, you'll be totally ready to pay your taxes this year AND you'll have a system set up for easily doing your taxes in a third of the time from now on!

    Training 3: Budgets Galore

    Similarly to Revenue tracking, it's virtually impossible to create Security + Wealth goals, if you have no idea how much your business and personal expenses are.

    Spreadsheets and training, so you can:

    • Develop the financial muscle of budgeting and tracking your expenses (both business and personal) as the visionary path for creating your dream life and business.
    • Learn a couple tricks it took me 20 years to figure out that makes my budgets way more likely to succeed. (Ever done a budget and found you always seem to go over what was planned?!? I know why... it's not just overspending that causes this!)
    • Plus the big secret for staying connected and on-top of your actual spending from here on out. 

    Training 4: Security & Wealth Plan

    Trainings 1 -3 help you prepare all the knowledge and data you need to create your Security + Wealth Plan, and now we are putting it all together!

    Women consistently start this course feeling avoidant, overwhelmed, scared or just plain uninspired by their finances, but by the time they can create their Security + Wealth Plan for their exact situation, they feel feel a whole new, empowered version of themselves as financially savvy business owners that can use numbers strategically to create their dreams.  It is truly LIFE CHANGING to see and feel yourself brand new in this domain! 

    Spreadsheets and training, so you can:

    • Learn how I define financial security and wealth, and strategically create my goals for Security + Wealth, so that each and every month I am increasing my security in the face of unexpected life events and increasing the wealth of my choice to reach for what I want in life (i.e. the choice to go on sabbatical, or buy a home, or help my mother, etc.).
    • Learn why I made certain investment choices in my retirement vehicles for long-term wealth creation. (This course does NOT focus on investing your wealth, but I will share a couple of key decisions I made in my investment strategy and why, so you can learn new ways to think about investing.)
    • Learn how to calculate a consistent "salary" you can pay yourself from your business every single month, on the same date and as the same amount, so you can create some stability in your personal life.
    • Develop powerful financial literacy for an empowered relationship with money as a business owner!

    Training 5: Implement your Financial Foundation on Autopilot

    • I'll show you how I set up all my financial infrastructure, so that my financial foundation works as much as possible on autopilot to increase my Security + Wealth each and every month. 

    The spreadsheet was worth the investment alone, but I have gotten so much more out of this beyond that.

    "I am very pleased with all of the information in the course so far! The spreadsheet was worth the investment alone, but I have gotten so much more out of this beyond that. I am feeling positive about tackling this project and getting clear about my finances. I look forward to diving deep and applying this knowledge and structure so that I can feel really good about my financial picture."

    JENNIFER. WINC Graduate.



    • Five Training Modules (and 1 Pre-Assignment) for building your Financial Foundation: Legal Protection, Revenue & Cashflow Tracking, Tax Planning, Budgets, Security + Wealth Plan, and how to set up all your financial infrastructure on autopilot.
    •  5 Q&A Videos with women like you asking Myka questions about specific situations. You'll learn so much from the emotional experiences of women in previous Masterclasses, as well as Myka's answers to their questions.
    • Spreadsheets that are already designed for you so you can bring a smart, systematic and strategic approach to your personal and business finances, forever! If you already love spreadsheets, GREAT, you're going to geek out on my spreadsheets! If you're just learning them, you are about to have a new superpower in your business.
    • A bite sized process so that each week you have clear homework in a specific part of your Financial Foundation. One of the biggest barriers to big changes is feeling like the project is so big it paralyzes us from getting started. With weekly baby steps, paced with clarity, focus and compassion, you'll have your foundation built in 5 weeks!

    I recommend this course to ALL entrepreneurs who desire to have powerful structures in place!

    "Had some lovely breakthrough's today. Really enjoying the course and it's been deeply valuable to learn a better system to really manage my finances, so I can set myself up for success in every area of my life! Feels like a big step in taking responsibility for what I create and how I show up in my business. It's very empowering, and I recommend this course to ALL entrepreneurs who desire to have powerful structures in place! Myka also brings in wisdom through the energetics and things that come up in the process, so I deeply value that level of support as well."

    LARISA. WINC Graduate.

    I've taught thousands of women entrepreneurs, and the majority of women feel fear, resistance and overwhelm in their financial life.

    The most common struggle is simply avoiding their finances all together. A woman told me a couple weeks ago that she'd been piling all of the "scary mail" (i.e. bank statements, credit cards, bills, anything financial) in a corner for two years.

    She also said she's increasingly suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I wonder if these two things might be related?

    Feeling fear, overwhelm and avoidance of your finances is so common. But it doesn't have to be. 

    I believe women everywhere have the choice to transform their relationship with money and finances. My experience is that this is an inside-job emotionally, and an outside-job for building new, strategic financial literacy skills.

    In this Masterclass, I'll share all the skills, strategies, systems and spreadsheets I've developed to create security + wealth, so you can also learn how to build a financial foundation for yourself and your family. 

    I'll also delve deep into the emotional territory that has women choose fear, resistance and overwhelm in their life and business. This is such a sensitive domain. Which is why WINC creates a loving, compassionate container in the Q&A videos to help you move through these scary places... together, as Women In Community.

    If you're excited to turn the page this year and unlock the power of your choice to finally create a solid financial foundation for you and your family, I cannot wait to hear about your transformation in this Masterclass!

    Myka McLaughlin

    Founder, WINC

    It's taken me 20+ years to learn everything I'll share with you in this masterclass.

    Myka, Founder


    • WINC is in its 9th year in business in 2020!!  (Only 1/3 of businesses survive to 10 years in the U.S.)
    • Economist by training.
    • I built two six-figure businesses totally solo. (WINC is my second business.)
    • designed a business model that created the life I love. It was not a hope or a happy accident... it was strategic design.
    • I built an amazing operational team, and then brought in the business partner of my dreams.
    • I handed my business over to the WINC team, and went on a 1.5 year sabbatical! (Ahem... because I had a financial foundation to do it with.)
    • Excellent personal credit score, and Tier 1 (best level) business credit score.
    • I’ve had retirement accounts since I was a teenager.
    • If the worse-case scenario happened, I have the net worth to be okay for many years.
    • Taught 1000s of women entrepreneurs, and WINC has intimately helped 400+ women build profitable business models and gain financial literacy.
    • 20 years of spiritual practice with a Master Teacher.
    • Most importantly, I love my life, practice what I preach, and have created real security for myself with financial literacy skills implemented over time.


    In five weeks from now, you'll be...







    WINC's Financial Foundation Masterclass starts

    mar - 27 - 2020


    When you sign up, you'll begin receiving a training video and a Q&A video each Monday for five weeks that walks you through creating your Financial Foundation in bite sized baby steps each week.  Mark your calendar because THIS MONDAY your financial life is going to start transforming from the inside, out.