The River & New Year’s intention setting

The River & New Year’s intention setting

As we begin a new year, with fresh energy and new possibility – if you’re anything like me – you can’t help but reflect, reassess and set big intentions for the year ahead.

I’m curious… On a scale of 1-10, how determined are you to grow your business in 2019? Some version of “growing my business” is always on my short list of New Years intentions.

One thing we at WINC have noticed though, after working with hundreds of women, is that even with the best of intentions, many women aren’t actually seeing the growth they desire.

More specifically, we see over and over again that women often aren’t clear on exactly HOW to grow their businesses, or what to do in what order, given where they are on their business journey.

While you are totally unique and your journey is one of a kind, there is a decipherable pattern that we all go through in the path to building a rockin’ business.

We call this journey The River.

Where you are on The River illuminates exactly what to focus on and what NOT to focus on. This insight is a game changer… for your goal-setting, your to-do list, your overwhelm, your self-doubt, and ultimately, for your bottom line.

If you feel like you’re in a maze, groping around in the dark, and fretting about the 10,000 things you should do to create or grow your biz next year, please join me and your Sisters next Wednesday for a WINC Business Training Event.

We’ll illuminate where you are on The River and set some powerful (and achievable) intentions for 2019 based on exactly where you are right now.