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Strong Financial Foundation Webinar

Strong Financial Foundation Webinar

This month’s Webinar theme is near and dear to my heart – how to make sure that all self-employed, women entrepreneurs have a strong financial foundation for their future. It pains me greatly to see women entrepreneurs:

• Struggle to find the money for Uncle Sam come tax time.
• Arrive at retirement age without the nest egg you need.
• Get slammed with an unexpected expense that sends you into a financial tail spin.
• Do business without protecting your assets, which could ruin everything you’ve worked for in one fell swoop.
• Lack understanding for how wealth is created. (Yes, making more money is one part, but definitely not the only part!)

In this Webinar, we’ll look at how to lay the financial foundation of your life and business, so you’re less vulnerable to all of these harrowing – but avoidable – experiences.

Now, let me be VERY clear. I do NOT have the credentials to give you legal or financial advice. So instead, I am going to transparently share with you what I do (and have done for 20 years as a self-employed woman) to protect myself, my business, and my financial future. Think of it as super nutritious food for thought.

On this Webinar I’ll show you how I:

• Protect my assets through the legal structure of my business, so I can sleep knowing my legal house is in order.
• Plan appropriately for taxes ALWAYS, so I’m never caught off guard when Uncle Sam knocks.
• Save for retirement, so that I’m not working “pay-check to pay-check” in my elderly years.
• Invest in the growth of my business, so that I’m not just doggie paddling to keep my head above water.
• Ensure that I have the funds for unexpected costs, so that I’m not sent sliding down the ladder whenever something from left field happens (which it always will!).
• Plus, I’ll show you how to create WEALTH overtime. Making more money is part of it, but there is far more to it than that. The good news is you can build wealth, no matter how much money you’re making right now, with what I’ll show you.

Financial responsibility is one of my greatest gifts, and I’m sure you’ll gain valuable and practical insights from how I’ve built my strong financial foundation.

Please make sure to RSVP, as space is limited.


Jun 20 2019


10:00 am - 11:30 am






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