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Boulder Gathering

Boulder Gathering

– December 4th –

Holy Darkness

The holiday season is busy. And it’s often in contrast with the natural world, and the natural rhythm of our bodies.

As we enter the holy season of darkness, stillness, turning within, we want to take spacious time in the Boulder gathering to sink into ourselves, with you.

Next Wednesday, join us for the nourishment of darkness and candle light for relaxation, prayer, meditation.

Imagine entering a dark, holy space with your sisters. Pillows. Blankets. Candles in our hands, and in our hearts.

There is a lot to meditate on at the end of a year, so let’s take time to be turn within and reflect on our business journeys this year. Perhaps bring your journal to write by candle light.

There is a lot to pray for right now. We’ve been learning how to deepen my prayer this year. Rather than worrying and fretting… we are halting the habit.

Instead, using the power of our focus, feeling state and word to call into being the beautiful world we want for ourselves, our businesses, our families and Life.

We’ll close the evening singing together in celebration for all that is transitioning from dark to light on this fertile night of the half moon.

Maybe we’ll howl. 🙂

Want to do it together, as Women In Community?

Please bring a candle, pillow, blanket, water and your journal. Must RSVP.

Events Overview

WINC offers free monthly events, both online and in person.

Our online events focus on business training topics for women in our community both local to us and around the country. WINC has developed a highly proven system for teaching women entrepreneurs how to create profitable businesses for them and their families in our 90-Day Program. Our free online events focus on strategic business topics that are supportive for women starting, growing and maintaining a business.

Our in-person events also offer business training, but we bring in a more intimate experience of connection. Because ladies, as you know, this is an emotional journey, too! And an important part of wealth in our lives is the feeling of connection and love. The in-person events offer both nourishment for your heart and powerful strategies for your business. These events are a combination of business training workshops and intimate women’s gatherings.

A few times a year, we also offer big, bold workshops for growing the revenue in your business. Look for email announcements (if you jump on our list) for our in-depth business training workshops. Let us know if you want us to do one in your city!

Who Are We?

The core of the WINC community in Boulder is a couple hundred women that have built relationships with each other through the WINC 90-Day Program. These women have given their heart and soul to birthing their businesses. They’ve been through a rigorous process to learn the business skills and strategies that manifest a profitable business, doing what they love. They each have so much to offer, personally and professionally. The have built deep and lasting relationships with each other.

These gatherings are a way to invite you into our women’s community. We want to provide each other a safe and inspiring place to move through the internal barriers in our businesses, and ultimately, to enjoy the often harrowing journey of life and business together.

You can learn more about the WINC graduates here.

No matter where you are in your business – even if you don’t have one yet – you are welcome here!

Why These Gatherings Matter

WINC is co-creating a feminine business culture in support for radical economic growth through women’s entrepreneurship, so that together, we can birth a new economy and a new culture through our businesses.

It’s up to all of us to make this fantasy a reality.

Myka & Elizabeth
Soul Sisters & Partners in WINC ~ Women In Community


Dec 04 2019


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm






Healing Spirits Living Arts Center
3825 Iris Ave., Ste. 310 Boulder, CO 80301

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