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Boulder Gathering

Boulder Gathering

October 2nd

WINC’s Boulder Gatherings are a gift to our vibrant community in Boulder.

The theme for this month is:
Sustainable Business

The two “light spots” this month are:
Lisi Kempton and Heather Gonzalez

Lisi and Heather will share what the components of a sustainable business are and how to leverage them to maximize the potential for long-term success.

Heather Gonzalez found that after years of working in the Consumer Goods Package Design industry for Cosmetics, Perfumes, Personal Care, Food and Cannabis, clients kept asking for more sustainable options. Many of our packaging vendors in glass, paper, board, metals closures, tubes, bottles, and finishes are making the switch and along the way we have found new partners that are on the same eco-conscious journey. Heather brings 20+ years of design, brand strategy and identity experience to help clients develop smart branding and product design to meet their customers needs sustainably.

Lisi Kempton is a business growth specialist and Fractional COO with 30 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Lisi has developed a systematic process to help her clients grow from solopreneur to small team business. She quickly assesses the big picture, breaks complex business challenges into manageable action steps, and provides ongoing support to ensure her clients achieve their highest visions and full potential. A certified professional coach with an emphasis on social and emotional intelligence, Lisi takes a whole-person approach to her consulting. She helps her clients expand their businesses, increase their profits, and create high-quality teams—all while enjoying their lives.

Structure  For These Gatherings

WINC Wealth Nights are a powerful series of events on the 1st Wednesday of every month in Boulder, CO. WINC has developed a highly proven system for teaching women entrepreneurs how to generate wealth for them and their families and one of the things we do in these gatherings is share strategic business training for starting, growing and maintaining your business as a female solopreneur.

But ladies, as you know, this is an emotional journey, too! The WINC Wealth Nights offer as much nourishment for your heart and soul as powerful strategies for your business. These events are a combination of business training workshops and intimate women’s gatherings.

We have SO many amazing women in our WINC community and, every other month, WINC Sisters are invited to guide our gatherings.

I hope you’ll consider bringing your gifts and creativity to this gathering…
• Do you teach meditation? Will you bring a meditation to share with us?
• Do you geek out on good books? Will you come share a synopsis of something miraculous you just read about?
• Do you have a big win or a big lose in your business life? Will you let us in and share more of your journey with us? Let yourself be seen and heard a little more?
• Is there something you could really, really, really use reflection on? Give us the opportunity to support you in a big leap or decision.

Who Are We?

The core of the WINC community in Boulder is a couple hundred women that have built relationships with each other through the WINC 90-Day Program. These women have given their heart and soul to birthing their businesses. They’ve been through a rigorous process to learn the business skills and strategies that manifest a profitable business, doing what they love. They each have SO much to offer, personally and professionally. The have built deep and lasting relationships with each other.

These gatherings are a way to invite you into our women’s community. We want to provide each other a safe and inspiring place to move through the internal barriers in our businesses, and ultimately, to enjoy the often harrowing journey of life and business together.

You can learn more about the WINC graduates here.

No matter where you are in your business – even if you don’t have one yet – you are welcome here!

Why These Gatherings Matter

Once upon a time in 2018… there was WINC. A sacred women’s culture supporting radical economic growth through women’s entrepreneurship, so that together, we can birth a new economy and a new culture through our businesses.

It’s up to all of us to make this fantasy a reality.

Myka & Elizabeth
Soul Sisters & Partners in WINC ~ Women In Community


Oct 02 2019


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm






Healing Spirits Living Arts Center
3825 Iris Ave., Ste. 310 Boulder, CO 80301

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