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Boulder Gathering – The River: Why Your Stage of Business Matters

Boulder Gathering – The River: Why Your Stage of Business Matters

What stage of business are you in and why does it matter so much?

While you are totally unique and your journey is one of a kind, there is a decipherable pattern that we all go through in the journey of building a thriving business.

We call this journey, The River.

Where you are on The River illuminates exactly what to focus on and what NOT to focus on. This insight is a game changer… for your to-do list, for your overwhelm, for your self-doubt, and ultimately, for your bottom line.

If you feel like you’re in a maze, groping around in the dark, and fretting about the 10,000 things you should do to create or grow your biz, please join me and your WINC Sisters.
I’ll turn the light on. I’ll show you the map. I’ll help you find your trust and focus for where you are right now. And you’ll take a big sigh of relief because those 10,000 things will be reduced to just a few.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • To diagnose not only what stage of business you’re in now, but also the stages to come down the road, so that instead of feeling overwhelmed in the swirling caldron of to-dos and daily demands, you’ll have immense clarity on what to expect now, in the future, and why. I cannot overestimate the power of having a map and a compass in this entrepreneurial journey.
  • The common struggles in each stage of business – the practical/strategic struggles, the emotional barriers, and even, the spiritual transformation that your business invites you to embody in each stage – that directly affect how quickly you turn your vision and expertise into dollars in your bank account.
  • What to focus on in each stage of your business. One of the biggest barriers to our success is trying to do everything all at once. You’ll learn the specific areas to focus on in each stage of business, so that you can propel your business to the next profitable stage with more ease.
  • A four-part system that takes all the guesswork out of building a profitable business. It took us years to figure out how a business actually works and what to focus on to make money. If you’re not building your business systematically and strategically, it’s far too easy for “doing what you love” to be a j-o-b dressed up as a business. With this system, you’ll learn how to make money in your business efficiently and effectively, so you can have the lifestyle and freedom you personally desire as an entrepreneur.

This is for you, if:

  • Are you a female entrepreneur – especially, an artist, healer or creative type – that is struggling to make money doing what you love?
  • Are you a woman entrepreneur that has achieved a level of real success in your business, but you’re not sure how to grow without burning out your adrenals?
  • Are you dreaming about a vision you want to manifest, but find yourself in a job that isn’t satisfying your soul?
  • Are you yearning for the business training that will finally change the game? And a community of empowered and loving women, who are courageously reaching for their dream and building it, together?!?

If any of this rings your bells, you are in the right place.

We cannot wait to meet you and your business!

Elizabeth & Myka

What are WINC Wealth Events?

WINC Wealth Events are a powerful series of events on the 1st Wednesday (LIVE in Boulder, CO) and 3rd Thursday (ONLINE WEBINAR) of every month that provide you with strategic business training for starting, growing and maintaining your business as a female, solopreneur. WINC has developed a highly proven system for teaching women entrepreneurs how to generate wealth for them and their families.

But ladies, as you know, this is an emotional journey too! The WINC Wealth Events offer as much powerful strategy for your business as they do nourishment for your heart and soul. These events are a combination of business training workshops and intimate women’s gatherings.

Who are We?

With over 300 WINC Sisters, you’re joining an empowered community of women entrepreneurs divining and designing a new paradigm for the world through their heartfelt and profitable businesses.

Who Should Come?

If you are a woman that wants to start or grow your business, we warmly welcome you to our hive!

There is no business stage too early. No vision too small. No experience needed.

We welcome you at every age and at the very beginning of your idea. This is not like any business training or any networking event you’ve ever been to. We will celebrate you just as you are, and give you the most powerful business training that finally translates your vision and your dharma into a profitable business.

Because we know, you’ve got a lot of people to help, Sister!

Come discover this buzzing hive of women’s culture, sacred practice and female entrepreneurship.


Sep 04 2019


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm






Healing Spirits Living Arts Center
3825 Iris Ave., Ste. 310 Boulder, CO 80301

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