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Attracting Your Soulmate Customers

Attracting Your Soulmate Customers

What if attracting a steady stream of ideal customers felt easy and predictable? 

What if you could magnetize your perfect clients to you, calling in exactly who you want to work with on a regular basis?

We’ve worked with hundreds of women by now and almost every woman comes to WINC missing the crucial piece of the business puzzle that makes this possible…

The key to attracting soulmate, dreamboat clients consistently.

Clarity around this piece:
  • • Is essential to designing products/services that people really want (and will pay for!)
  • • Is the foundation for a solid, effective marketing plan
  • • Makes the selling process sooooo much easier

And, when you feel deep alignment and resonance with your clients, guess what?You’re going to feel lit up, too.

You’ll be energized by your clients instead of drained.

You’ll be organized and efficient.

You’ll feel confident because you’ll really know your customer inside and out.

I hope you’ll join me on Thursday, February 20th from 10-11:30am MST for a our live WINC webinar – Attracting Your Soulmate Customers.

This is for you if:

• You think your business helps everyone
• You are exhausted from jumping through hoops doing custom work
• You find it hard to talk and/or write about what you do
• Your work feel separate from your passion/your authentic self


What are WINC Wealth Events?

WINC Wealth Events are a powerful series of events on the 1st Wednesday (LIVE in Boulder, CO) and 3rd Thursday (ONLINE) of every month that provide you with strategic business training for starting, growing and maintaining your business as a female, solopreneur. WINC has developed a highly proven system for teaching women entrepreneurs how to generate wealth for them and their families.

But ladies, as you know, this is an emotional journey too! The WINC Wealth Nights offer as much powerful strategy for your business, as they do nourishment for your heart and soul. These events are a combination of business training workshops and intimate women’s gatherings.

Who are We?

With hundreds of WINC Sisters, you’re joining an empowered community of women entrepreneurs divining and designing a new paradigm for the world through their heartfelt and profitable businesses.

You can learn all about our community on WINC’s Praise page.

Who Should Come?

If you are a woman that wants to start or grow your business, we warmly welcome you to our hive!

There is no business stage too early. No vision too small. No experience needed.

We welcome you at every age and at the very beginning of your idea. This is not like any business training or any networking event you’ve ever been to. We will celebrate you just as you are, and give you the most powerful business training that finally translates your vision and your dharma into a profitable business.

Because we know, you’ve got a lot of people to help, Sister!

Come discover this buzzing hive of women’s culture, sacred practice and female entrepreneurship.


Myka & Elizabeth


Feb 20 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am






Zoom Webinar
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