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Fall 90-Day Business Training Program Begins

Fall 90-Day Business Training Program Begins

Are you a creative woman entrepreneur who, despite your brains and passion, just can’t figure out how to make enough money? Perhaps going through feast and famine cycles that keep you up at night?

Are you an artist, healer or creative, drowning in the 10,000 things you “could do” or “should do” to grow your biz and aren’t sure what will actually make the difference in your bottom line?

Have you created success through sheer will and perseverance, but are swamped by the volume of work just to get by, and don’t know how to grow without cloning yourself?

If so, you’re in the right place, Sister!

After studying as an economist, I started WINC with a mission to help alleviate poverty through women’s entrepreneurship. I binged on books, free trainings and blog posts, searching for answers. Each expert had a different “7 steps to success”. Through the maze, I looked for a systematic approach to building a business that was simple, authentic and effective, with no luck.

It took me two years to figure out how a profitable business actually works – meaning what to do, in what order, and why to ignore most of the noise out there.

And since I couldn’t find it, I developed my own step-by-step system that was laser focused on revenue-generating tasks and what a woman has to do to feed her family, while also feeding her soul.

Within six weeks of implementing my system, WINC was a profitable business.

In less than a year, we broke six-figures. 

More importantly, the system worked for the 23 women in WINC’s first 90-Day Program, over 6 years ago. One of those early WINC Sisters, who massively grew her 6-figure design business in WINC’s Program, was Elizabeth Winheld. Today, Elizabeth is WINC’s CEO and the lead facilitator for the 90-Day Program.

Elizabeth and I have helped just under 300 women like you grow their revenue 2x, 3x, 5x, and even 10x, in just a few months to a year.

We are as soulful and feminine as we are results-oriented and obsessed with women actually growing their revenue and making a great living doing what they love. 

We want you to join us in this Revenue Revolution for your business!

Myka (WINC Founder) & Elizabeth (WINC CEO)


WINC’s 90 Day Program to Create Wealth Doing What You Love

​​​​​​​The main objective of this program is to get you laser focused on making money doing what you love and give you airtight strategies to consistently bring in new customers, so you can end the feast and famine cycle for good and start your own Revenue Revolution
In the Program, you’ll learn:

Training on the four-part “Engine of Your Business Revenue” system, so you’re 100% focused on the exact four things that create a profitable business model, plus the specific tasks and strategies that turn your revenue up consistently.

Development of your revenue model and goals for now, six months from now, 1 year from now and 3 years from now, so you know the exact pathway to your profitable, big picture vision. I know you’ve got a big vision, Sister, and this program will absolutely help you bring it all down into bite-sized, profitable steps.

Creation of a strategic set of products/services that can drive your business to six-figures and beyond. You probably have an idea of what you’re selling, but until you create a strategic set of products/services, your revenue will not only be capped, but you’ll work way harder for every dollar. We’ll show you how to design your offering, and embed your desired lifestyle in it too!

Clarity on the marketing strategies that are right for your business, and more importantly, right for your type and stage of business. There are so many ways to market your business, and if you try to do them all, or if you focus on ones that are not appropriate for your stage of business, you will spend a lot of time marketing with few results in your bank account. The way we teach you how to build a systematic and strategic marketing pipeline is by itself worth the cost of the entire Program.

SALES/SELLING – Engine Part 4
​​​​​​​Learn how to sell with integrity, grace and skill. The bottom line is that businesses sell something. We have to purify our fear around selling and learn how to become powerful sales women with techniques that feel good to both you and your customers.

​​​​​​​A soulful and effective formula for writing marketing copy and website content that actually connects with your customers and drives sales.
An airtight marketing and sales plan to consistently bring you new customers, so you can end the feast and famine cycle permanently.

Financial skills to make sure you understand how to track your expenses, revenue and taxes, so that you feel empowered with money for the rest of your life.

Finally put a end to “the overwhelm and paralysis pendulum,” which keeps you feeling self-doubt, confusion, procrastination and exhaustion, while your revenue stagnates. WINC’s step-by-step framework gets you focused on exactly what to do every day in order to grow your business.

Everything is possible with confidence. This Program gives you the emotional support to believe in yourself like never before, plus the strategic skills to confidently go after your dream with a step-by-step plan that makes it feel doable and realistic. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​A group of amazing Sisters offering you high value feedback and emotional support and cheering you on every step of the way.​​​​​​


Sep 16 2019


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