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Looking for a meaningful gift this holiday season? Want to support woman-owned businesses? Check out these amazing and unique gifts from the WINC community of women entrepreneurs.

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The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to Myka McLaughlin, founder of WINC, on co-authoring a book with Jolie Dawn and 11 other visionary entrepreneurs this past year! These co-authors are embodying a whole new level of inspiration for being in flow AND being kick-ass business leaders and cultural revolutionaries.

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Our Greatest Wounds Are Goldmines

As a girl, when my mother referred to a time before I was born, she would say, “Back when you were just the light in your father’s eyes…”. As a girl, I wasn’t sure if I understood what being the light in my father’s eyes meant. But it didn’t matter, because when she said it, I felt wrapped in my father’s love and reminded of how special I was to him.

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W.E. Are A Revolution

W.E. – Women Entrepreneurs – Are A Revolution.
An Economic Revolution.
A Cultural Revolution.

We are breaking the spell. So that you can direct your energy and command your livelihood, as an awake and receptive, feminine Being.

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Together We Grow: WINC hosts Amanda Steinberg in Boulder

Wow, what a night! We at WINC were thrilled to host Amanda Steinberg, the founder of DailyWorth.com with 1M subscribers, founder of WorthFM, and author of Worth It, in Boulder last month.

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Meet Elizabeth

One thing I always knew about WINC - even before I knew exactly how WINC would work - was that WINC is not about me, she’s about us. The essence of WINC is sacred women's community both in the 90-Day Program and inside the company.

After hiring two incredible, full-time women in the Philippines to do WINC’s operations in 2015, I dreamt of another powerful woman to support WINC Sisters in the 90-Day Program, alongside me.

And I knew just the woman.

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Too Many Yeses

Today I'm here to share why saying NO has been one of the most important things I've done in order to grow a successful business. In fact, I believe that saying too many Yeses is one of the biggest barriers to have a profitable business we love.

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Wild Flowers & Wild Fires

For the last few weeks, I've been traveling with a dear friend and his two daughters (age 6 and 8) on an epic tour to seven countries in Europe. Right now, as I write, I am nestled in a valley in the Swiss Alps, where bright green grasses and wildflowers grow up the sides of massive peaks, jutting around us in 360 degrees.

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Where We Focus Is Where We Get Results

If you focus on areas of our business that don't make money, you won't make money. This is half the battle – knowing what actually creates revenue in your biz and then FOCUSING on those areas.

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Radha Marcum

Name: Radha Marcum
Business: Content + Strategy
Website: www.radhamarcum.com

“I help businesses build communities—and increase profits—with compelling storytelling, communications strategy, and integrated content marketing.”

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Nicole Irlbeck

Name: Nicole Irlbeck
Business: Restoration Fitness and Inspired Athletic Movement
Website: www.restorationfitness.net

“We help women and girls overcome their body baggage to lighten their lives, so they can access their full potential without the weight of negative body image holding them back.”

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Noel Love

Name: Noël Love
Business: Love Acupuncture, LLC
Website: www.love-acupuncture.com

“I help stressed and tired people move from a place of exhaustion and pain to leading energetic, vibrant and flourishing lives.”

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Sarah Sandy

Name: Sarah Sandy
Business: Janey Appleseed Nutrition
Website: www.janeyappleseednutrition.com

“At Janey Appleseed Nutrition, I help women and men optimize fertility to improve pregnancy success and the lifelong health of their baby. I also teach women how to get their hormones working for them so they can overcome various hormone imbalances such as weight gain, acne, fatigue, low libido, insomnia, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, etc.”

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Emma Back

Name: Emma Back
Business: Living Song
Website: www.Emmasong.com

"Now, I consistently have 3-5 strong leads per week where before there were often none, and it no longer feels completely up to chance if someone finds me and buys from me. I have grown my revenue 3x in the past 6 months. I work with a lot less effort and anxiety and enjoy my time off more."

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The Story of WINC

I began to notice that almost all the women in my community were self-employed. They were yoga teachers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, herbalists, videographers, real estate agents, writers…you name it, they were just like you. Artists, healers, creative types. Free spirits that didn’t want to fit into a traditional corporate setting.

I knew the women in my community so well: how talented they were, how much they had to offer through their trade, and how much they cared about making the world a better place through their work. I imagine this is true for you too!

But I saw them struggling. Struggling to make money.

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Like you, there are so many things I could share with you about myself. Where I’m from (all over!); what I love to do on my days off (read and dance); and the long-story of ah-has, dead-ends and u-turns along the way of discovering who I am.

But for now, I want to share just four things with you that are the heart and soul of why WINC is my business and what they mean to you.

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Lesley Glenner

Name: Lesley Glenner
Business: Holobeing Psychotherapy and Wholeness Center
Website: www.Holobeingllc.com

"I founded HoloBeing in 2011 and am continually working to form a boutique collective of committed, holistic entrepreneurs interested in being part of an integrative wholeness center. Additionally, I have a private practice in the space as a psychotherapist and career coach."

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Joanna Kennedy

Name: Joanna Kennedy
Business: Center for Happiness, Love and Pleasure
Website: www.happinessloveandpleasure.com

"I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, filled with passion, intensity, determination, and commitment. I knew my purpose, my dharma, and I was fully committed to bringing it to men and women longing for more love and intimacy. Propelled by my heart, I drove and drove, pushed and pushed, to create a successful and profitable business. 'If you do what you love, the money will come... right?' Not exactly. How did this change?"

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Lindsay Miller

Name: Lindsay Miller
Business: The Wedding Choreographer
Website: www.facebook.com/weddingchoreographerlindsaymiller

"I help teach couples how to dance and create a special first dance for their wedding day, so that they can feel comfortable on the dance floor and share an unforgettable experience with each other, their family and friends. I also work with parents of the bride and groom and wedding parties to choreograph unique dances for everyone! The dance styles I teach include: hip-hop, salsa, cha-cha, contemporary, party moves and slow partner dance."

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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Kristin Savory

Name: Kristin Savory, L.Ac.
Business: Balance Your Hormones - Better Your Life
Website: www.KristinSavory.com

“Between my family and my client load, I was working around the clock. My kids were getting a little ignored and my hubby was grumbly. I was overwhelmed and on the verge of total exhaustion. In the Summer of 2013, I did the WINC Program and within 3 months, I got my priorities straight and my business under control."

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