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Program Details

90-Day Program: Level 2 Details

Make sure you read Level 1 Details first, because all of Level 1 is included in Level 2.

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy, and often harrowing. You’ll be surprised by how much your emotional journey contributes to (or limits) your success. Where the business-training in Level 1 gives you the strategic skills you need, Level 2 gives you emotional support and my targeted feedback in the Circle meetings. Your Sisters and I will help  you can move through the roller coaster of emotions and swirling ideas, so you can take the next powerful step, and the next, and the next… as fast as possible, toward your profitable dream.

Here’s what you can imagine in Level 2

In addition to the Monday Training and Q&A Webinars in Level 1, you will also be in six Circle meetings with me and a small group of women (up to 9 women in the Live Circle or up to 6 women in the Virtual Circle). The Circle meets for 2.5 hours twice a month for three-months. It’s a powerful time to get my direct feedback on your biz, and learn extensively from other women.

The Circle meetings, FB group and an optional accountability partner in Level 2 make sure you’re connected, accountable and resourced with your Sisters every step of the way.

When you graduate from Level 2, you will have intimate and powerful relationships with other women entrepreneurs, who love and support you well beyond the end of the Program.

Who Is Level 2 Best For?

Level 2 is a great fit for you if:

  • You’re super ready to build your business fast – even if you don’t know exactly what your biz is yet – because you’ll receive my highly targeted feedback in the Circle.
  • You have perhaps played small in your life – perhaps asked for bare minimum prices – and its time to play bigger! Spend more time with me in Level 2 or 3, so I can help you see just how big you are, and how to translate your bigness to your bank account.
  • You often feel self-doubt that paralyzes you from taking action. The accountability of the Circle helps you purify doubt and fear, so you can take stronger steps forward, faster.
  • You often feel “confused,” and waste a lot of energy going in different directions, but ultimately stay in the same place.
  • You have at least 8 hours a week to devote to the Webinars, Circles and studying the materials, plus at least 5 hours a week for implementing what you learn. The time you put in is directly correlated to your tangible and financial results.
  • You simply cannot afford the time and financial investment of Level 3 right now, but are ready to take a huge strategic and emotional step towards getting what you really want in your biz and personal life.

Take Action

Listen, Level 2 is a big investment in time and financial resources. You’ve got to really want a successful business.

I’ll be very honest; I worked six and seven days a week for years, while first building WINC nights and weekends, and then for another year when WINC grew 18x in 9 months. You’ve got to feel a fire in your belly, and be ready to do some serious soul-searching and put in as much time as possible to work this Program.

My biz mentor told me when I invested in her Program (which by the way cost $12,000!), “We want to have the tangible results before we make the leap, but the truth is we have to make the leap in order to get the tangible results.” I’ve found this to be profoundly true. I now take leaps constantly. And while it doesn’t necessarily get less scary, it does get more familiar.

Level 2 is a big leap. It’s saying YES to what you really want and being 100% committed to doing the work to make it real. Don’t invest in this Program if you’re not ripe and ready to put in the TIME and PERSEVERANCE required to building what you want most.

What Your WINC Sisters Say About the Circle & Women’s Community

  • “Knowing where other women were in their business development, what they were dealing with both logistically and emotionally, and being able to gain reassurance that I am on the right track, addressed a huge missing piece for me. Looking back, I can see exactly why the Program is 90 Days to Wealth, Worth and Wisdom.” ~ Grace Dobosz
  • “Myka and the Circle will not only honor your unique business vision, but help you see the pieces that you might not have in focus yet. It is powerful. It is sometimes demanding. Often emotional. But it will transform the way you approach your livelihood … and your life. I’m so glad that I took a chance on WINC. Everything about the Program exceeded my expectations.” ~ Radha Marcum
  • “Myka has an incredible ability to create a healing Circle that is both deeply grounded and so magical. Her business acumen is amazingly accurate and so is her ability to see the hearts and pain points of the group members, knowing just how firmly or gently to press, to create the space for metamorphosis. The Program so connected me to other women entrepreneurs on similar paths, which has been invaluable, because surrounding myself with like-minded women helps me to stay courageous on my path as a Lady-preneur!” ~ Lesley Glenner
  • “This Program is not for the faint of heart. You experience a lot of inner growth through facing your own demons & resistance, as well as reflecting honestly for others in the group and whatever triggers come up. I’m glad I took this Program at such an early stage in my work development.” ~ Anjali Arnold
  • “Myka is incredibly supportive. She will meet you wherever you are in your business, and her brilliant advice helps you move forward. The support I received from Myka and in the Circle was amazing, grounding and comforting knowing that I am not alone going through fears and hard times. I couldn’t recommend Myka’s amazing Program more enthusiastically! DO IT! YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!” ~ Maria Hassett

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