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Program Details

90-Day Program: Level 3 Details

Make sure you read Level 1 and 2 Details first, because they are included in Level 3.

Level 3 is the where you get the most possible support to drive your revenue up, as fast as possible. In five 1:1 sessions with me,  you'll get my extensive expertise for your exact situation and business. Plus, the 90-Day Workbook makes sure you wake up every day knowing exactly what to focus on to move your revenue up.

Here’s what you can imagine in Level 3

In addition to the Monday Training and Q&A Webinars in Level 1, and the six Circle meetings with me and your Sisters in Level 2, you will also meet with me 1:1 five times for 50 minutes each on a video conferencing call. Plus, you’ll have a workbook to complete first thing each morning to make sure your focused and productive every day.

In the 1:1 sessions, I will handhold you through every step of building all four-parts of your Engine, and with my support, you’ll purify the self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm that holds you back.

I’ve had dozens of women start Level 3 with barely an idea for her business, and graduate with a crystal clear business that can get her to her revenue goals now and in the future. But, you have to put in an extraordinary amount of time to do the work, and take action even when you’re afraid.

If you do, then you’ll graduate from Level 3, knowing exactly what your business does, how to speak/write about it, an exact pathway for achieving your revenue goals over the next 3 years, plus a powerful marketing and sales pipeline that can make it all real. And what’s more, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, more relaxed, clearer about who you are and more in love with yourself and your life… Yeah, I know, that’s a huge promise. But I can say this because my customers say it.

Who Is Level 3 Best For?

  • You feel a HOWL in your heart and soul. You feel so ready that you might burst, because you want so badly to change your game for REAL and build a profitable business doing what you love.
  • You will not take no for an answer, and will not give up until you have what you really want.
  • You will dedicate every hour possible to this Program and your business. You must have up to 10 hours a week to devote to attending the Webinars, Circles, 1:1 sessions with me, meeting with your accountability partner, and studying the Program materials. But you’ll also give at least 10 hours a week for implementing it all into your business. The time you put in is directly correlated to your tangible and financial results.
  • You may not know how you’re going to afford this investment, but you do know that you can’t afford to keep waiting for generating revenue in a business you love. Right now, you’re feeling such a big “Hell Yes!” in your heart and soul that, although afraid, you feel huge faith to leap for what you really want.

Take Action

Level 3 is a huge investment of time and money. Believe me, I know how scary it is…

Since 2011, I’ve invested $90,000 of my own money to build WINC (initially from J-O-Bs and then from WINC’s profits). In fact, I’ve invested $33,000 just in business training. Building a successful business is not a get rich quick strategy. It’s about building a vision from your heart and soul. It’s about creating something that will NEVER exist, unless you create it. It’s about manifesting the life you really want to live.

You’re the only one who can do it.

And it takes a LOT of ENERGY, PERSEVERANCE, TIME and FOCUS to make your vision manifest in the material world. (Believe me…I’ve lived it.)

So don’t do Level 3, unless you really, really want it – the vision, impact, financial wealth, emotional well-being, free time (eventually…) and the fulfillment of owning your own business. Because entrepreneurship is NOT the easy way.

I have worked my butt off and sacrificed many things to make WINC real…

But do I think being a successful entrepreneur is worth it?


All the fear, doubt, yearning, hard work and long hours is a drop in the bucket for how good it feels to have my dream business and dream lifestyle, while truly helping a whole lot’a women.

So, I’ll ask you:

Is the howl of yearning in your heart bigger than the fear?

Because it should be to say yes to this Program. And the yearning has to be bigger than the fear every day – day in and day out, forever – to take the actions that manifest what you really want.

I want to be very honest with you. The women who get the biggest financial results within 3-6 months of completing the 90-Day Program, worked with me in Level 3. I cannot guarantee that you will have financial results. I cannot guarantee how long it will take you. What I can guarantee is that working with me in Level 3 will get you there WAY faster and easier than if you don’t.

Helping women entrepreneurs, like you, is my dharma and the reason I’m on this planet. The 1:1 sessions with me are nothing short of strategic and spiritual alchemy that will align you with your sweetest destiny as an entrepreneur.

What Your WINC Sisters Say About Me

  • “Myka is magic. Not the kind of magic you sit at home hoping will hit you, but the real kind that you can touch and taste. I owe my life to Myka and the WINC community.” ~ Emma Back
  • “The WINC 90-Day Program and Myka’s guidance are phenomenal! I worked with so many coaches who shot from the hip… ‘Try this… try that… just go for it!’ they’d say. I couldn’t get anything done well. It definitely wasn’t sustainable. Now I have a foundation on which to build something globally phenomenal and I owe so much to Myka for the handholding, encouragement, butt kicks, love and wisdom that had me realize I didn’t have to give up my dream to have financial security. Thank you… thank you… thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Joanna Kennedy
  • “Myka radiates so much love; she teaches from her heart, showering this love upon us and helping each one of us move to a deeper level of self-love. From this place of love, all obstacles fall away. One becomes empowered on every level. How many business coaches (courses) can offer that!” ~ Katie Back
  • “Myka is a rock star and so are you! Myka has given me the tools I need to stand out, and a clear strategy on how to create wealth doing what I love – helping other people. Not only does WINC deliver results, Myka accomplishes that with absolute integrity. If you know deep down that you (and your business) have what it takes to shine but you aren’t sure how, this woman will help ignite the flame, which will send fireworks into the air!” ~ Reilly Jernigan
  • “Myka is totally amazing. She is a living example of an empowered business woman and her presence is a transmission. With true wisdom and understanding, she assesses where you and your business are at developmentally, and what you need in order to grow. She helps you create a clear pathway from where you are to where you want to go, and gives you the resources you need to make the journey. (But she can’t walk the road for you!!!!!!!).” ~ Catherine Houston
  • “Myka meets you where you are, no matter where you are in the development of your business. She will challenge you on your next steps, which I guarantee you, are not what you would have predicted or expected them to be.” ~ Anjali Arnold
  • “Myka brings an incredible combination of business know-how, plus her big heart and her spiritual consciousness to this Program. She truly cares about each woman and her success, and is behind us 110%!” ~ Jocelyn Kelso
  • “Myka and her Program far exceeded my expectations of a business program. My advice is to come to Myka with an open heart and mind, because your world is about to change! I cannot thank Myka enough for how she has truly changed my life for the better. I feel so blessed to have been part of this Program and I thank her from the depths of my heart.” ~ Christine Straley
  • “All of the amazing things you’ve heard about Myka and WINC are true. Really. If you’re a woman who loves what she does and wants to take her business to the next level financially, practically, and yes, spiritually and emotionally, just thank the universe that WINC has crossed your path and sign up. You won’t be disappointed.” ~ Jackie Ames

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