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Too Many Yeses

Too Many Yeses

I’m here to share why saying NO has been one of the most important things I’ve done in order to grow a successful business. In fact, I believe that saying too many Yeses is one of the biggest barriers to having a profitable business we love.

Last week, I started it off, laying in a sea of snotty kleenex and afraid of my next cough, because it hurt so much. On one hand, I relate to the common cold less as a sickness, and more as a healing purification that gives me permission to integrate and rest. (Neat, jedi mind trick perhaps, but it works! 🙂

On the other hand, I knew that my need for rest was because I said too many Yeses the week before. I said Yes to starting the WINC 90-Day Program with an amazing group of women entrepreneurs. (No regrets there!) But including the WINC events, I said YES to FIVE public speaking engagements, plus filming a WINC course with Conscious2 in LA (think Netflix for spiritual seekers). All of this on top of Yeses to WINC’s normal operations, client sessions, team meetings, travel to LA, my spiritual practice, personal relationships! (I bet you can relate…)

Guess what the result of too many YESes was…
• By Friday, I was trembling like a leaf on stage at the conference, because I was under slept and under fed
• By Saturday, I was exhausted when I showed up to film the WINC course
• By Monday, I was Sick in bed for 24 hours

Not pretty. Not effective. Not enjoyable. Not my best self. Not the life I love. Period.

I teach every woman in WINC’s 90-Day Program one of my golden rules for building a successful business: “We have to say 1000 NOs, in order to say YES to our big YES!” (William Ury).

Since I truly believe that much of WINC’s success is due to my regular NOs, I thought I’d share a few of many big NOs.

1. NO to following most of the inspiring ideas or downloads that come through for what WINC could create.

In the early years of WINC, I focused my big YES on developing a core offering that is incredibly powerful for women I work with and is a super efficient system to operate, before moving on to create the next “inspiring download.”

We are all extremely creative! We have so much to offer. But trying to do everything we can do becomes one of the biggest barrier to success.

You will likely receive dozens, if not hundreds, of great ideas about what your business could create. If you let yourself get distracted with all of these shinny objects, you’ll likely overwhelm yourself and get fewer results. I cannot recommend enough focusing on developing one core offering that powerfully helps your customer and successfully pays for your life, before moving on to the next.

My mantra when those important downloads come through: “YES! That is such a great idea! Thank you! I’m totally going to do that… LATER.” Then I write it in my heart-list or a note that I track all of the someday ideas, and focus on what I’ve committed to presently.

2. NO to collaboration until I understood (and implemented) WINC’s business model.

Please don’t get me wrong, collaboration is so wonderful, and can be so powerful for our businesses. There are lots of women that have great success collaborating right out of the gate. Please don’t let me discourage you from collaborating, if you are called to it.

But for me, I noticed that the majority of conversations about collaboration were a lot of talk (AKA: inspiring downloads) and few actual results.

In addition, collaboration can have some big legal and ownership questions. My bias is that any collaboration requires real discussions about what happens if the collaboration ends, who owns what (e.g. a business name, a program name or website cannot be split in half…), how the revenue and expenses are distributed, who is responsible for doing what, etc. In my opinion, a rightful collaboration requires written agreements that would stand up in the court of law, if it should come to that. Having these tough conversations and putting them in writing is a big project just by itself.

So… in the early years of building WINC, I said NO to many invitations to collaborate, until I had worked out exactly how WINC helps women entrepreneurs and how WINC’s business model actually generated wealth, doing what I love.

WINC’s business model and core offering is now the foundation upon which I can discern what, when, who and why to collaborate. Now, I collaborate with someone because I have a great business model and they have a great business model, and its very clear how our collaboration is complementary, mutually beneficial, and more likely to produce actual results.

The rub is that WINC has entered its “collaborative era,” which is a big part of why I said YES to too many collaborative opportunities last week! Clearly, I am being stretched to learn even more about what collaborations to say YES to, and on what timeline, so I am not exhausted and sick in the process.

3. NO to a whole bunch other things I can do with my time …

Including social invitations, coffee dates, “get to know each other meetings,” doing personal things during business hours, the list goes ON and ON…

One of the biggest reasons my business is successful is how much time I spend working on Her. Plain and simple. Time in > results out.

I am a big believer that we can manifest anything! I’m a big believer in tracking the receptive flow in our business! I’m a big believer in having (Ahem… designing) our dream lifestyle into our business. I’m a big believer in looking at the beliefs we have about working super hard and asking if they are actually true.

But my experience is that building a successful business takes my heart-dedicated time, period.

Literally, sitting at my computer, day-in and day-out; learning, experimenting, creating and refining WINC with my time.

There’s a lot of magic in this universe, and prayer and intention is HUGE to building what we want. But I believe I’d be doing a disservice to you if I made it seem like I only prayed for what I wanted in my business. In the early years especially, but still to this day, I make a LOT of sacrifices (happily) in other areas of my life to say my BIG YES to co-creating an economic revolution among women entrepreneurs.

To create what you really want, I recommend saying NO to a lot of other things, and proving it by using your time for your BIG YES.

I am just one woman. I encourage you to always light your own path. Throw out everything I’ve shared here, if it doesn’t resonate with you. But I am on your team for building your dream, and saying NO has been one of my biggest allies in doing so.

So I ask you now, What is Your BIG YES?

Not the YES you think you “should” have. Or the YES you think is “realistic.” But the real YES you want most.

I remember a woman I once worked with that when she was really honest about what she wanted, it was to be a housewife spending her time in the garden. We can NEVER get what we want if we don’t first give ourselves permission to want what we really want, rather than what we think we should want.

Take a moment to write your BIG YES down.

To share WINC’s system with 17 million women in order to alleviate poverty in local communities all over the world… in a culture of sacred women’s community, doing it together.

What are the 10 things that you’re saying NO to?

Take a moment to write down your 10 Nos.

My 10 NOs:
1. No more than 1 speaking engagement in a week (outside of WINC events). Period.
2. No more than 1 travel event per month.
3. No more forgetting to shower or eat.
4. No more paying for dinner on a first date. (Yeah… there’s a funny story here for another day…)
5. No adding more to my team’s plate until our existing operations are systematically implemented without my need for reviewing everything.
6. No more buying books or music until the end of the year. (UPDATE: failed miserably on this one, but I’m glad because I’ve been reading some AMAZING books.)
7. No work until after I’ve done my prayer practice in the morning.
8. No more collaborations, until I’ve prioritized which ones I want most and why.
9. No personal phone calls, laundry, errands during the work day.
10. No more imagining that I can respond to every text, email and FB message. And Good God! No more apps for new ways to communicate with people



Wild Flowers & Wild Fires

Wild Flowers and Wild Fires

For the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling with a dear friend and his two daughters (age 6 and 8) on an epic tour to seven countries in Europe. Right now, as I write, I am nestled in a valley in the Swiss Alps, where bright green grasses and wildflowers grow up the sides of massive peaks.

One of the most potent themes on my trip is considering what it means to actually transform. There is something so romantic about transforming ourselves… this sense that our lives will improve once we do. More freedom. More joy. More connection. More money. Better relationships. Vibrant health. These universal things, we all seek to cultivate and grow.

But this year, I’ve been reading Joe Dispenza’s scientific work on transformation. If you haven’t read You Are the Placebo, I highly recommend it. His work has inspired me to confront the default states I live in that keep me from transforming for real.

A default state is the mental, emotional and physical matrix that we hang out in so consistently, we can’t even imagine what’s outside of it, because the range of our imagination is itself bound by this default state.

What are your default states? What are the thoughts, stories, concepts you constantly interpret your experience with? What are the emotions that you consistently feel in your life?

Just like the well trodden hiking trails that have been grooved by human footsteps across these rugged peaks over hundreds of years, our default states have carved the very pathways that our reality can and cannot explore.

For me, one of my default states is enthusiasm. My spiritual teacher once said, “MYKA! You are addicted to happiness.” It was like a koan that my default matrix couldn’t understand. The waters I swim in have such a preference for joyous enthusiasm that I never saw this state as an “addiction.”

I’ve learned (the hard way) that I have a resistance to heavier, darker, emotional states. I want to pull away from them as fast as possible. My well trodden pathway is carved by the concept that feeling sad, depressed, tired, dense energy is a symbol of doing something wrong. Alarm bells sound off in my whole system, “WRONG WAY! OFF TRACK! BAD THING!”

In response to my alarm bells, I rely on another default state of independent, self-sufficiency to figure out what the bad thing is that I’m doing, in order to, get rid of it and go go back to my happy, enthusiasm as quickly as possible. My default is not to sit in the sadness for as long as it wants to visit me, without need to change it or find the cause and culprit.

For some of you, you’ll have exactly the opposite. You’ll tend toward heavy, hopeless feelings, and sit in them for days, weeks, months on end, concluding that someone like you can’t have happiness.

These are but two contrasting examples. There are as many matrixes of default states, as there are people.

Here with my friend in Europe – a wise and deep man – he is inviting me to let the heaviness consume me. To risk allowing the pain to ravage me like a wild, forest fire that can dissolve me completely into something altogether new. He is inviting me to o-p-e-n to letting the Myka I’ve known, die.

Uhhh… scary…

And perhaps the less romantic side of transformation?

Who would we become, if we let our familiar default states – which we’ve carefully crafted and molded – burn to ashes? Who will we not become if we don’t?

What does all this mean as entrepreneurs?

I’ve worked with hundreds of women in a deeply intimate container. Each of these women come to WINC’s 90-Day Program with a fire of commitment to learn new business skills that can transform their financial reality permanently.

They also come to the Program with a whole matrix of default states that keep them trapped – just like me – in translating everything through a particular, fixed lens.

The WINC Program is truly magical in that, alongside the business training system I teach, women consistently transform into new mental and emotional versions of themselves.

Joe Dispenza writes, “If you want to transform your life [or your business], you actually have to become someone else.”

(Ummm… this is seriously potent and confronting, if you pause to take in what’s he’s saying…)

Those who transform the most about their life and their business in the Program give themselves to the ravage wild fire that consumes their default concepts/ ideas/ emotions, and lays their landscape bare for a new breed of wild flowers to grow within them.

As my loving witness, I give myself to you, here, now, as a nervous footstep into the furnace of transformation.

This email itself is a burning sensation. I risk laying myself naked at your feet; revealing what I haven’t figured out; welcoming your judgement, aversion, rejection; inviting you to come closer to me, and your Sisters, in these wild fires and wild flowers.

What alchemy this furnace fire will smelt us into, we cannot know. Our very concepts of what we might become – individually and together – are still prisoner to what hasn’t yet been burned.



Where We Focus Is Where We Get Results

If you focus on areas of our business that don’t make money, you won’t make money. This is half the battle. There are a lot of things we do for our business that will never make money, because they are not revenue generating tasks or areas. Learning what actually creates revenue in your business, and then FOCUSING on those areas, is a game changer.

When I figured this out (after 18 months of trying a lot of other things), WINC went from basically no revenue to a profitable business in 6 weeks, and a six-figure business in 9 months.

If you’re not seeing results in your bank account right now, it is highly likely that you’re not focusing on the four areas that generate revenue in your business. Period.

Join me and I’ll help you cut through all the distraction and fluff that keeps you stuck, by teaching you how to develop and implement the four-part system I call, “The Engine of Your Business Revenue.”

Sign up for WINC’s email list and receive a FREE series of videos, where I’ll teach you this four-part system so you can focus on the exact tasks and strategies that drive revenue up in your business.

Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Radha Marcum

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you. 

Radha Marcum participated in the WINC 90-Day Program last summer, and I was extremely touched with how quickly she took the training content and revolutionized her business. Refining an existing business can sometimes be harder than creating one from scratch, but Radha transformed her content writing business into a dynamic marketing company for medium-sized businesses. And she’s sky rocketed since!

Plus, she’s an incredible poet and is having her first book of poetry published too! I swear that when we reach for what we really want in our business, other areas of our life rise up too. Congrats Radha!

And if you have Sisters in the Bay Area, please share the WINC Workshop announcement with them (below), so they too can learn the system that helped Radha quadruple her business revenue!


STEP 1: Build a Strong Business Model 

As a result of the work I did on my business model, packaging, and pricing in the WINC Program, I quadrupled my revenue in the content marketing part of my business in the six months since the start of the Program. I also made back the cost of the Level 3 program 4 times over—with a single new client!

STEP 2: Get Clear about Your Gifts and Your Target Market

Let go of stale ideas about whom you should serve with your talents. Learn to say “no” to the clients or customers who put strain on your time or energy. Don’t waste precious time trying to please everyone who is a potential fit. Say “yes” to the businesses and individuals that you most want in your sphere—recognize the gifts you offer and the value you bring to the relationship.

STEP 3: Learn to Trust

With my sisters’ support, I’ve learned to trust the process of evolving my business. And it is certainly constantly evolving!


Free Gift from Radha

If you’re struggling to keep up with content marketing—newsletters, blogs, social media, etc.—sign up for the Content + Strategy newsletter at:

Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Nicole Irlbeck

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you!

Nicole Irlbeck participated in the WINC 90 Day Program in the Fall of 2013, which feels like eons ago now! But what’s she’s accomplished in her business is nothing short of incredible.

The thing I want to share most is that Nicole had lived with a dream for years, but struggled to follow through with creating it. Nicole is a very successful physical fitness trainer and the owner of a boutique gym in Boulder, Restoration Fitness, but her most sincere dream was to serve women and girls to love their body for real, and release the shame and lack of confidence that so many of us feel.

In WINC’s Program, I got to see Nicole reach out and finally go for her dream! She is now serving many women in not just their fitness, but also in their deepest, internal relationship to their body, heart and soul.

Wow. How much change we’ll create in the world, when we all free up the energy now wasted on our body blues!!! Thank you Nicole – our daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters need you helping us!


STEP 1: Stop Trying To Do It All

Before working with WINC, I had a ton of ideas, but I was spinning my wheels. I felt completely out of sync with my ability to deliver what would actually benefit my clients. Often, I have easily gotten caught up in doing too much all at once. Then, I let the distractions keep me from committing fully to the programs I create.

Then, I joined WINC’s Circle in the fall of 2013. I stopped trying to do it all and focused only on the program I was creating. With WINC’s support and guidance, I was able to create a 90-day program that not only serves my clients with everything I have ever wanted to offer in a structured format, but also fully honors my desires as a business owner.  I enrolled 13 people into my first program and increased my monthly business revenue by 26%.

STEP 2: Stand Up For Your Numbers

I stood up for my numbers.  Rather than starting small, I started with the highest outcome for my plan.  I crunched the numbers and knew what was possible and stood up for it rather than making excuses for a less than ideal result.  In other words, I jumped all in.

STEP 3: Believe In The Value Of What I Offer

Most importantly, the way I view myself and my work has shifted. Now I know I have something incredible to offer clients that will change their lives. I know I can make the connections and receive the income I always knew were available, but that I previously could never seem to access.  My confidence is soaring and I am on fire!


Free Gift from Nicole

It is the highly dedicated women who lead their families and pursue their highest passions in the workplace that are too easily the first ones to sacrifice their own health and body for the sake of everyone else around them.  It is possible to reclaim your body confidence and renew your energy, clarity, and strength no matter what demands you are under.  If you feel like getting your body back in shape is hopeless, that your energy is at all time low, or that you can’t seem to find the woman you once knew in the mirror- then it is time to reclaim your body.  Join Nicole ( for a 30-minute discovery session to learn about the first steps to creating your blueprint toward feeling strong and whole again!

Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Noel Love

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you. 

Noel Love participated in the WINC 90 Day Program, and I literally saw her go from very scared about money to a super successful entrepreneur in a few months. In fact, she TRIPLED her revenue in four months! Seriously, she was like a phoenix rising with this huge red sun of success at her back, and she inspired all the women in the Program to just go after it!

Noel is an amazing acupuncturist, who helps men and women relieve their chronic stress and overwhelm that causes short-term and long-term health effects. So if yo’re feeling stressed and burned out, I can’t recommend her highly enough! We can’t keep building our dream if we don’t have our health and creative energy!


STEP 1: Learn From The Proven Success Of Others

Most small business owners do not know or understand the foundation and building blocks to start, run, and become a successful business. I’ve learned that there are very set, proven formulas of how to run a business.

I surround myself with successful people and teachers, and then implement what I learn. Even when I am initially uncomfortable with something, I trust the step-by-step process of my mentors and see that it is working in the end!

STEP 2: Implement A Strategic Set of Offerings

Since I completed WINC’s 90-day program, there are many things working well in my business — especially the amount of revenue I have started bringing in.  After I created a strategic set of offerings, my revenue increased 68% in just one month.  I then had my biggest month ever in January, and my business officially tripled its monthly revenue just 4 months after WINC’s Program.

I can say without a doubt, implementing my new product offerings has helped immensely in gaining and retaining customers.  It simply and easily lays out what they can expect to have happen when they come to my business for service.

STEP 3: Be Confident In The Worth Of What You Have To Give

I am much more confident and know what I am selling.  That makes it easier to ask for and to accept money for the services I bring to people.


Free Gift from Noel

I will buy lunch for the first person that attends my referrals networking group. This group has very successful business people and I am always looking for the same to grow our group of professionals.  Please contact me for the details!

Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Sarah Sandy

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you! 

Sarah Sandy participated in the WINC Fall Program of 2013, and I knew from the first moment I spoke with her that she was incredibly gifted at what she did – helping women get pregnant and improve their hormones with a stellar nutrition plan. Sarah has the heart of an angel and the motivation of a star athlete. Anyone in her sphere feels more grateful to be alive! And in a few months, Sarah took her already successful business to a whole new level that made her day-to-day business easier and her financial dreams more and more of a reality. In fact, for the last 5 months, she’s hit her revenue goal over and over, while working less hours!

So delighted for you to meet her! And don’t miss her really awesome free gift at the bottom!


STEP 1: Create A Vision For My Business

This was critical for me. Before I met Myka and started the WINC 90-day program in Fall of 2013, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted my business to look like 5 years from now (or even 1 year from now!), therefore I didn’t know what was possible. Once I got really clear about what I wanted and what it looked like, I was able to move forward with clarity and confidence.

STEP 2: Set A Realistic Revenue Goal

Part of getting clear about the vision for my business was figuring out what my realistic revenue goal was and then identifying exactly what it was going to take to get me there. The Revenue Revolution spreadsheet was a godsend. Once I established my revenue goal, I got serious about it. I absolutely believe in the power of what you think about, talk about, dream about, shall be.

STEP 3: Work Smarter, Not Harder

I’ve hit my revenue goal for the past 5 months! My revenue is growing and I’m working less hours. I’m working smarter, not harder with a lower volume, higher price business model. I have significantly increased my one-on-one consultation prices and at the same time I continue to grow my client base daily. My referral network is expanding which makes me confident that I am providing a high quality service that people want to tell their friends, family, and patients about. And I continue to get almost daily referrals from several of the top-rated (conventional) fertility doctors in the Rocky Mountain region!


Free Gift from Sarah

Hormones affect everything. When your hormones are in balance, everything about you, from the inside out, is functioning and looking its best. Head over to my website and grab a free copy of my ‘Nine Nurturing Food & Lifestyle Changes for Improved Fertility, Easier Periods, and a Supercharged Sex Drive!’ In addition, I am happily extending a 15% discount off of my 90-day programs!

Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Emma Back

I am so pleased to introduce you to Emma Back, a graduate of the Fall 2013 WINC Program.

Emma is a creative powerhouse, a musical force and a heart full of care for everyone in her sphere. As a violinist since childhood, Emma is an incredible singer-songwriter and performer (oh yes – she plays the violin & sings at the same time!). In the last few years, Emma now also helps other women singer-songwriters with a musical dream, move from feeling cautious and constricted to connected and courageous on stage and in life. She’s literally helping dozens of women who’ve always wanted to sing and play music, finally get on the stage of their musical career.

Love, Myka

Name: Emma Back
Business: Living Song

“Now, I consistently have 3-5 strong leads per week where before there were often none, and it no longer feels completely up to chance if someone finds me and buys from me.  I have grown my revenue 3x in the past 6 months.  I work with a lot less effort and anxiety and enjoy my time off more.”

STEP 1: Stopped Apologizing for What I Really Wanted

I got super clear on my priorities and stopped apologizing for what I REALLY wanted to do. For me, this meant that I stopped trying to cater to everyone and focused on serving women singer-songwriters. Once this clicked, I was able to tweak all my messaging so it was much more clear and add things to my programs to serve this specific niche.

STEP 2: Focused on One Marketing Strategy at a Time

In the past few months, I became crystal clear on the value of what I offer in my programs. This has changed the entire way that I market. I stopped trying to do everything, and focused on one marketing strategy at a time. I looked at what was working and saw that when people meet me in person, they are way more likely to end up working with me. With Myka’s amazing guidance, I designed a strategic set of ways to have personal contact with people.

STEP 3: Walked My Talk with New Confidence

I also got out there in “in the street” and walked my talk. I went on tour and worked on recording, so I could really live even more of what I’m teaching. When I returned, things started flowing as I shared with current and potential customers my experience of being out there in the world as a musician. It wasn’t that I did more in my field. It was more that I gained new confidence that I am an expert and was able to speak as such.
Now, I wake up excited to work on my business. I feel focused, alive and aligned in my vision of serving women artists. I have achieved balance to continue to develop myself as a musician, while continuing to offer and market my programs. I consistently have 3-5 strong leads per week where before there were often none, and it no longer feels completely up to chance if someone finds me and buys from me. I have grown my revenue 3x in the past 6 months. I work with a lot less effort and anxiety and enjoy my time off more. I feel completely confident that “it is only a matter of time” before I have a 6-figure business. I am traveling and touring six months out of the year, and I have over a hundred people in my audience at every show.

Free Gift

Come sing in community with other women and realize the power of your voice at the Living Song Voice Circles, every 1st Monday of the Month at 7pm. Also, you can stream my music for free at

The Story of WINC

For ten years, I practiced in a women’s community of 20-30 women, who showed up regularly to support each other in going deeper into the connection with ourselves, with each other, and ultimately, with whatever you call the force that is bigger than all of us.

Over the years, this women’s community was the most profound part of my life. It felt like gathering with women was as necessary as water, and I couldn’t imagine ever living without it.

But, I began to notice that almost all the women in my community were self-employed. They were yoga teachers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, herbalists, videographers, real estate agents, writers…you name it, they were just like you. Artists, healers, creative types. Free spirits that didn’t want to fit into a traditional corporate setting.

I knew the women in my community so well: how talented they were, how much they had to offer through their trade, and how much they cared about making the world a better place through their work. I imagine this is true for you too!

But I saw them struggling. Struggling to make money.

Many were single moms, just trying to provide a basic livelihood for their children. Almost all of them had years, if not decades, of expertise, training and experience.

But they didn’t know how to translate doing what they loved into a profitable business.

They didn’t identify as a “business woman,” and frankly, some had a downright distaste for business in general. What lit them up was making art that reflected the human condition, or supporting a new born baby and mother with cranial-sacral therapy… not business strategy and marketing plans. Not surprisingly, the dry, plethora of traditional small business resources didn’t resonate with them, and the vibrant entrepreneurial community supporting scaleable businesses and tech companies, didn’t focus on them either.

And yet, if they didn’t make money, they couldn’t keep doing their passionate work in the world!

I saw a great need.
A need for incredible, heart-centered women,
with a passion to serve,
to gain the strategic business skills they need
to make great money doing what they love.

And in the dark night of the Winter Solstice of 2010, WINC showed itself to me.

She said, “Women’s Community can help us not only in our personal lives, but also in building rockin’ businesses that change lives, families, communities, and ultimately, economies all over the world.”

Starting with you. Right here. Right now.

Join us, and I’ll show you a simple, but radical, system for building the profitable vision I know is alive in your bones, heart and destiny.

Are You Ready?

  1. Step 1: Complete WINC’s Free Video Course.

    Sign up for WINC’s email list and complete WINC’s free video course on the 6 Barriers to Wealth and the Engine of Your Business Revenue, so you can get focused on the tasks and strategies that move your revenue UP!

  2. Step 2: RSVP for WINC Connect.

    Meet me and your Sisters, while gaining powerful business training on your financials, marketing, website and stage of business, at the free monthly WINC Connect gathering.

  3. Step 3: Is the 90-Day Program a good fit for You?

    Learn about WINC’s 90-Day Program for women entrepreneurs and set up a time to talk with Myka about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Myka’s Story

I am trained as an economist, and have been financially independent and self-employed since I was fifteen years old.

I left home when I was fifteen and moved to NYC alone. I’ve always had great gusto to create a dynamic life I love. For the next seven years, I built a six-figure business with revenue in seven countries. I learned how to run my business from a husband and wife team on Success Wall Street. They were my first business mentors, after my father, who was also a tried and true solopreneur.

I graduated with distinction studying economics and international affairs. After college, I did research and financial analysis for $180M of renewable Savory energy grants awarded by the US Department of Energy; co-founded a university research center funded by the European Union; and ran a multiple six-figure business for one of the world’s most renowned negotiators. I helped double his revenue in the first year.

And I can easily say, the most important thing to me in this life was to truly love my work. I experienced a lot of dead-ends and a decade of agitation that I wouldn’t find my calling. When WINC revealed herself to me, she was what I had been longing for all along. And she’s so good, so beautiful, I now know why I was so afraid of missing her… Don’t give up on finding your dream work, for it is even better than you imagine.

I am really good with money and numbers. And I am 100% committed to helping you get in the driver’s seat of your financial future.

Plain and simple: I am just really good with money and numbers. I know how to think about money, manage it responsibly, respect it and grow it. I am serious about taking care of myself financially, and I’ve done so very well. The first step to help you do the same is getting up close and personal with your revenue reality and your revenue future. In WINC’s Program, you’ll get my number crunching mojo, so you can get in the driver’s seat of your business and financial future.

But I’ve also deeply inquired into the nature of money. What it means and what it doesn’t? If it’s good or if it’s bad? Do I want it or do I fear it? It’s been a big journey from having/ wanting/ fearing/ rejecting/ healing/ understanding/ embracing money. I feel like I’ve been to the moon and back. I bet you do too. And it’s a double whammy if you’re a business owner, solely responsible for generating those Benjamin’s all by yourself.

One of Super my biggest desires is to help women generate wealth. Why? Because it is the vehicle in which our hearts can reach for what we want to share, express and live most. I want that delicious freedom for you, for me and for women everywhere. It’s not that without wealth we can’t be free – there are many kinds of freedom – but I want us to have the freedom to chose how we spend our most precious resource, time. Wealth lets us do that, and WINC is here to help you create it.

I have had phenomenal Teachers, both in business and in women’s community.

For over ten years, I’ve studied with a woman who radically transforms me with her potent awareness. She initiated me into sacred women’s community, taught me what a deep, safe container makes possible, and most especially, continues to illuminate and liberate my light. It is her transmission and wisdom about women’s community that I share through the culture of WINC.

On the business side, I have studied with phenomenally smart, experienced and heartfelt women entrepreneurs, who are experts at building successful businesses in the 21st century. I’ve invested hundreds of Sister’s hours reading business books; tens of thousands of dollars on biz training programs; and three years implementing it all for WINC, so I can share with you what really works.

If you work with me, you’ll receive in one fell swoop all of my learning organized in a way that drives your sales, deeply connects you with other women, and liberates your confidence, so you can reach for what you really want and get it!

I’ve developed a system that generates revenue doing what I love, and now I’m sharing it with you.

When I made the leap from building WINC part-time to building WINC full-time, it felt like stepping off a financial cliff. And the only way I was going to get to wake up every day and do what I am madly in love with – working with you! – was if I fricking made money doing it. Period.

In that high stakes moment, I had to get crystal clear on how to generate revenue, doing what I love. I developed a step-by-step system that was laser focused on revenue creating tasks, because I not only had to generate revenue, I had to do it now. And it worked.

In six weeks of using my own system, I had a profitable business. Over the next 9 months, I grew WINC’s revenue 18x, and in less than a year, I had a six-figure business.

So now I’m sharing exactly what I did, so you can too!

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