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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Radha Marcum

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you. 

Radha Marcum participated in the WINC 90-Day Program last summer, and I was extremely touched with how quickly she took the training content and revolutionized her business. Refining an existing business can sometimes be harder than creating one from scratch, but Radha transformed her content writing business into a dynamic marketing company for medium-sized businesses. And she’s sky rocketed since!

Plus, she’s an incredible poet and is having her first book of poetry published too! I swear that when we reach for what we really want in our business, other areas of our life rise up too. Congrats Radha!

And if you have Sisters in the Bay Area, please share the WINC Workshop announcement with them (below), so they too can learn the system that helped Radha quadruple her business revenue!


STEP 1: Build a Strong Business Model 

As a result of the work I did on my business model, packaging, and pricing in the WINC Program, I quadrupled my revenue in the content marketing part of my business in the six months since the start of the Program. I also made back the cost of the Level 3 program 4 times over—with a single new client!

STEP 2: Get Clear about Your Gifts and Your Target Market

Let go of stale ideas about whom you should serve with your talents. Learn to say “no” to the clients or customers who put strain on your time or energy. Don’t waste precious time trying to please everyone who is a potential fit. Say “yes” to the businesses and individuals that you most want in your sphere—recognize the gifts you offer and the value you bring to the relationship.

STEP 3: Learn to Trust

With my sisters’ support, I’ve learned to trust the process of evolving my business. And it is certainly constantly evolving!


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