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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Nicole Irlbeck

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you!

Nicole Irlbeck participated in the WINC 90 Day Program in the Fall of 2013, which feels like eons ago now! But what’s she’s accomplished in her business is nothing short of incredible.

The thing I want to share most is that Nicole had lived with a dream for years, but struggled to follow through with creating it. Nicole is a very successful physical fitness trainer and the owner of a boutique gym in Boulder, Restoration Fitness, but her most sincere dream was to serve women and girls to love their body for real, and release the shame and lack of confidence that so many of us feel.

In WINC’s Program, I got to see Nicole reach out and finally go for her dream! She is now serving many women in not just their fitness, but also in their deepest, internal relationship to their body, heart and soul.

Wow. How much change we’ll create in the world, when we all free up the energy now wasted on our body blues!!! Thank you Nicole – our daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters need you helping us!


STEP 1: Stop Trying To Do It All

Before working with WINC, I had a ton of ideas, but I was spinning my wheels. I felt completely out of sync with my ability to deliver what would actually benefit my clients. Often, I have easily gotten caught up in doing too much all at once. Then, I let the distractions keep me from committing fully to the programs I create.

Then, I joined WINC’s Circle in the fall of 2013. I stopped trying to do it all and focused only on the program I was creating. With WINC’s support and guidance, I was able to create a 90-day program that not only serves my clients with everything I have ever wanted to offer in a structured format, but also fully honors my desires as a business owner.  I enrolled 13 people into my first program and increased my monthly business revenue by 26%.

STEP 2: Stand Up For Your Numbers

I stood up for my numbers.  Rather than starting small, I started with the highest outcome for my plan.  I crunched the numbers and knew what was possible and stood up for it rather than making excuses for a less than ideal result.  In other words, I jumped all in.

STEP 3: Believe In The Value Of What I Offer

Most importantly, the way I view myself and my work has shifted. Now I know I have something incredible to offer clients that will change their lives. I know I can make the connections and receive the income I always knew were available, but that I previously could never seem to access.  My confidence is soaring and I am on fire!


Free Gift from Nicole

It is the highly dedicated women who lead their families and pursue their highest passions in the workplace that are too easily the first ones to sacrifice their own health and body for the sake of everyone else around them.  It is possible to reclaim your body confidence and renew your energy, clarity, and strength no matter what demands you are under.  If you feel like getting your body back in shape is hopeless, that your energy is at all time low, or that you can’t seem to find the woman you once knew in the mirror- then it is time to reclaim your body.  Join Nicole ( for a 30-minute discovery session to learn about the first steps to creating your blueprint toward feeling strong and whole again!