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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Noel Love

I’m so pleased to share this month’s WINC Sister sharing her success strategy with you. 

Noel Love participated in the WINC 90 Day Program, and I literally saw her go from very scared about money to a super successful entrepreneur in a few months. In fact, she TRIPLED her revenue in four months! Seriously, she was like a phoenix rising with this huge red sun of success at her back, and she inspired all the women in the Program to just go after it!

Noel is an amazing acupuncturist, who helps men and women relieve their chronic stress and overwhelm that causes short-term and long-term health effects. So if yo’re feeling stressed and burned out, I can’t recommend her highly enough! We can’t keep building our dream if we don’t have our health and creative energy!


STEP 1: Learn From The Proven Success Of Others

Most small business owners do not know or understand the foundation and building blocks to start, run, and become a successful business. I’ve learned that there are very set, proven formulas of how to run a business.

I surround myself with successful people and teachers, and then implement what I learn. Even when I am initially uncomfortable with something, I trust the step-by-step process of my mentors and see that it is working in the end!

STEP 2: Implement A Strategic Set of Offerings

Since I completed WINC’s 90-day program, there are many things working well in my business — especially the amount of revenue I have started bringing in.  After I created a strategic set of offerings, my revenue increased 68% in just one month.  I then had my biggest month ever in January, and my business officially tripled its monthly revenue just 4 months after WINC’s Program.

I can say without a doubt, implementing my new product offerings has helped immensely in gaining and retaining customers.  It simply and easily lays out what they can expect to have happen when they come to my business for service.

STEP 3: Be Confident In The Worth Of What You Have To Give

I am much more confident and know what I am selling.  That makes it easier to ask for and to accept money for the services I bring to people.


Free Gift from Noel

I will buy lunch for the first person that attends my referrals networking group. This group has very successful business people and I am always looking for the same to grow our group of professionals.  Please contact me for the details!