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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Joanna Kennedy

I’m so pleased to introduce you to your WINC Sister, Joanna Kennedy!

Joanna is the founder of the Center for Happiness, Love and Pleasure. Joanna is completely in her deepest alignment. She helps great men and women – who’ve known the challenges of love and sex – end the frustration, heat up their sex life, and turn up the intimacy, so they fall in love over and over again. Seriously, if you sense there is more to discover in your femininity, sex life and relationships, Joanna is an incredibly skilled and sensitive woman to help you in this domain!

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STEP 1: Set My Strategic Foundation Straight

The first secret I discovered this summer in WINC’s 90 Day Program was to let go in the short-term of some of my big dreams, so that I could focus on the basics. I prioritized setting up a strategic foundation for a sustainable business. Instead of just working harder and harder, I started working smarter to set up a solid foundation and strategy that can build into my big dreams one step at a time. I can’t even tell you how different things are after Myka walked into my life.  I have a plan. I know where I’m going.

STEP 2: Define My Product Set

I’d been doing this work for a long time, so I actually had a ton of great content and offerings, but what I learned was that I was recreating the wheel all the time and burning myself out in the process. Things shifted drastically when I learned to define my product set. I made my products small and specific so that I could deliver them in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and of the highest quality.

STEP 3: Taking Time to Rest and Receive

By getting my strategy in place and simplifying my offerings, I allowed myself the choice to rest and receive more. When I stopped working so hard, everything changed. I have more downtime.  I’m happier, and I feel more like myself. The effort I put into my marketing, and all my work, is simpler, while being at least as effective, if not more.  And… I don’t feel guilty because I’m not doing more!

All this clarity has enabled my revenue to grow in steadiness and reliability.  Plus my marketing message is clearer and more effective. I’m giving my gifts in a bigger way. I’ve attracted opportunities I hadn’t even imagined, like an interview with VH1 in NYC. And I know this is just the beginning, because I have a plan to grow without just working harder to get there.


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