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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Lindsay Miller

I’m so pleased to share this month’s success strategy with you!

WINC Sister, Lindsay Miller, was in the Summer 2013 Program. She is a super warm and energetic wedding choreographer, who can literally teach anyone to dance with her patient and loving pizzazz. If you or a friend are getting married this year, consider getting her help to make your first dance unforgettable.

Share with us which one of Lindsay’s strategies (below) can serve you most on WINC’s FB page!


 STEP 1: Confidence and Courage

With the help of the WINC Circle (Summer of 2013), I had the courage to increase my prices from $90 to $275, and I got my first big sale a couple of months ago!

STEP 2: Putting Myself Out There

Part of feeling more confident was to put myself out there, so I created a Facebook page for my business. The day after I started my page, I had a friend of a friend contact me for wedding lessons for her mom and stepdad! It feels great to finally be putting my work out in the world in a more formal way where I can really share what I do and start to grow my business.

STEP 3: Networking With My Industry Peeps

I am feeling energized and excited. I am on a roll networking and making connections with people in the wedding industry.

I’m up to 83 “Likes” on my page, which I started less then a month ago, and I am receiving very positive feedback. I don’t feel as scared as I did before. I feel like I overcame a mental hurdle and am now not afraid to just go for it!

Free Gift from Lindsay

If you’d like to get a feel for my dance style please come and take my Friday night Groovalicious class at Streetside Studios! It’s a fun way to start the weekend and it’s only $10 to drop in.