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Strategy Sister’s Success Story: Kristin Savory

I’m so excited! This is the first monthly blog of a WINC Sister Sharing her Success Strategies with you! I hope you can learn what’s working for her and take these inspiring actions in your business too.

So, without further adieu, I am so pleased to introduce Kristin Savory, who was in the WINC Program last summer. Kristin is an amazing Boulder acupuncturist – who perhaps is one of the most generous and energetic women I know and love – that helps women struggling with thyroid issues turn their vibrant energy back “on.”

Share with us which one of Kristin’s strategies (below) can serve you most on WINC’s FB page!


STEP 1: Get Real About My Time

The most important thing I did was to get very real about all of the hours I was actually working by adding up all my “after” hours. I found out that I was working up to thirty hours a week, which was more than I had thought or wanted.

STEP 2: Empowered Boundaries for Downtime

With my reality check on my time, Myka then helped me to understand my boundaries. This enabled me to raise my prices, while also helping me step away from the office more, enjoy my life more, and realize that rest is just as important and sometimes even more productive than the work.

STEP 3: Start Small with Bite Sized Steps

With my priorities, boundaries and downtime in place, I kept my business growth focused and manageable by starting small. I implemented just one program before expanding.

In this way, I’ve gone from being a well-known acupuncturist, to being an expert in my field. I’ve nearly doubled my hourly rates, and I’ve now launched three successful programs. My bank deposits are on the rise, and my work is reaching more women – of all income levels!


Free Gift from Kristin

One of the women in my first Hormonal Healing Circle had been battling Lupus for a long time, and after the Circle, her Lupus is now totally at bay, but better yet… she has no protein in urine and she’s off all meds, flying high! If you’re suffering from hormonal stuff, please join us! Help is possible.

So, if you’re tired of dragging yourself out of bed or wish that someone else would tuck your kids in at night, come and check out the H-Club. I’d love to meet you and help you get out of the thyroid blah’s. Check out the next session of the H-Club here: It’s totally healing and totally free!