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 Women Entrepreneurs

are a cultural & economic



You can make a great living doing what you love!

WINC is a community of hundreds of female entrepreneurs like you, using our gifts for good, feeding our dreams and our families, building purposeful and profitable businesses together, as women in community.



Join us for an epic day of business training, connection and celebration on Women's Entrepreneurship Day...

November 19th in Denver


"I went from making barely $20,000 to over $160,000 this year!"

"With this Program I am now able to explain exactly who I work with, what problem I help them, and the product I have to offer. I know what I need to be doing, and the perfect people are attracted to my message. As a result, it’s becoming way easier to sell what I do. I just made one sale that’s worth more than I made the past 3 months combined!

12 MONTH UPDATE: I am so grateful for the strategies I learned at WINC. They were a real game changer. I went from making barely $20,000 the year before to over $160,000 this year!"



390 women have invested in themselves and their businesses by saying yes to WINC's  business training programs and business coaching.


92% of WINC's students say our 90-Day business training program was worth every penny they paid for it.

Our next live 90-Day Business Training Program:

January 2020


Wondering if it's right for you and your business?


Myka (Founder) + Elizabeth (CEO)


Myka (Founder) + Elizabeth (CEO)


Come nourish your soul with an amazing community of women entrepreneurs and get serious business training, all at once.

We host monthly business training and community events both online and in the Colorado Front Range.

"My revenue has increased every month since I started the program and I am confident that I’ll reach my 6 figure revenue goal in 6 months."

Before taking the 90 Day Program I was pretty confident in my abilities as a baker. What I was lacking was my confidence as an entrepreneur. 

I am now able to say I’m an entrepreneur with just as much confidence as I am a baker. This Program provided what I needed to increase my revenue with simple techniques. Also, this Program creates a beautiful women’s community that is very hard to find when you’re a solopreneur. Looking to my WINC sisters for advice, guidance, and simply support was incredibly powerful and actually strengthened my confidence dramatically.

As a result, I’m eager to promote myself as an entrepreneur believing in the strength of, not only my product, but my vision for my business. My revenue has increased every month since I started the program and I am confident that I’ll reach my 6 figure revenue goal in 6 months.

Melanie Santos,  Munch Bakery